Directly Order Vinyl by email

It is by meaning the most direct way to get your hands on our releases' vinyl editions. As simple as writing an email and telling what record you wish! Hereby you find prices, billing, shipping methods and return policies. Please email your order to order[at]


Regardless of the platform (Direct Order, Bandcamp, Discogs) you choose to purchase your Nice Try Records vinyl, all orders will be processed and sent out by ourselves. By directly ordering by email, you make sure benefits go straight one half to the artist and the other half to the label, while Bandcamp (10% + transaction fee) and Discogs (8%) will charge a fee for their - undoubtly cool - consumer & seller friendly services. By directly ordering, you help us to keep up our work even more!

Prices excl. Tax (Swiss Francs)

 14.00 CHF. NTRY022 Dollar Mambo - Double Spirale [12", 180g Collectors Edition, Super stiff sleeve]
  9.00 CHF. NTRY021 MRZ - Konterversum [12"]
22.00 CHF. NTRY020 None Of Them - One Of Them [2LP, Glossy inner/outer sleeves]
  9.00 CHF. NTRY019 St Plomb - Country City Remixes [10", Double offset printed sleeve]
22.00 CHF. NTRY018 St Plomb - Country City Country [limited 2LP, Double offset printed sleeve]
  9.00 CHF. NTRY017 St Plomb - Need This In The Meantime [limited 12"]
 12.00 CHF. NTRY015 MRZ - Feather Fiction [limited 12", few copies left]
 10.00 CHF. NTRY014 Michal Ho - Don't Rush [12"]
 10.00 CHF. NTRY013 Dadaglobal - Hier ist nicht da [limited 12", few copies left]
  9.00 CHF. NTRY012 Dollar Mambo - Rounds Around [12"]
  9.00 CHF. NTRY011 Snook Later - Snook Theme [10"]
  9.00 CHF. NTRYX Mr. Kaizen - Tooth Of Wisdom [12"]
22.00 CHF. NTRY009 Dollar Mambo - Melodivia [limited 2LP, PVC-Sleeve]
  9.00 CHF. NTRY008 Dollar Mambo - Horn's Hall [12"]
60.00 CHF. NTRY007 MRZ - Secrets [limited 3x7" BOX, CD, Aluminium framed & artist signed artwork]
  9.00 CHF. NTRY006 St Plomb - Wild At Heart [12", Triple offset printed sleeve]
  8.00 CHF. NTRY005 Romart - Dramatic Disposition EP [12"]
  8.00 CHF. NTRY004 Tango Crash - RMXD Vol.2 [12"]
  8.00 CHF. NTRY003 Tango Crash - RMXD Vol.1 [12"]
  8.00 CHF. NTRY002 Dollar Mambo - Seven Dollar EP [12"]
  8.00 CHF. NTRY001 V.A. - Nice Try EP1 [12"]

20.00 CHF. NTRYCD003 None Of Them - One Of Them
20.00 CHF. NTRYCD002 Dollar Mambo - Melodivia
20.00 CHF. NTRYCD001 MRZ - Secrets

Shipping Costs Excl. Tax

DHL to Germany 6.00 CHF
DHL to EU from 13.00 CHF
DHL to overseas from 31.00 CHF
Within Switzerland, Swiss B-Post 7.00 CHF incl MWSt

Billing and shipping methods

Vinyl is shipped from our one-man-fullfilment partner Alexandru Hojbota in Germany, EU by DHL Deutsche Post. Depending on the price paid and on your country, you may expect additional VAT taxes and country individual import taxes. In Switzerland, vinyl is shipped with Swiss B-Post by ourselves.

1. Place your order at order[at]
2. We email the confirmation and the bill (incl. taxes if applicable).
3. Please transfer the amount within 10 days* to our bank account. You will find the bank details on your invoice.
You may also use Paypal to transfer to:
4. After receiving payment, we email you a confirmation and the parcel will be shipped within 3 days.
5. We email you the DHL Tracking Number.
* We regard orders as cancelled if payments are not made within 10 days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning your order or your questions at order[at]

Please consider DHL to take from 2 days up to a week for shipping and even more for oversea deliveries. In case of a delivery problem, we kindly request you to enter the DHL Tracking Number at your national DHL website. If it got stuck at customs, please inform us at fulfillment[at]


Return Policies

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you are not, you may return it to us within fourteen (14) days of the delivery date for a full refund.

Please contact us at order[at] within the 14-day time period for return instructions. Please reference, if possible, your order number on the receipt when requesting a return authorization. We reserve the right not to accept for refund any product returned. We hope you understand refunds are only made for returned goods as they are sealed (if so) and not played vinyls and CDs. Refunds are not offered for minor cosmetic damage on record packaging, such as bent corners and cracked CD covers.
You are responsible for all return shipping and handling costs. Original shipping costs are not refundable.