physical / digital catalogue:

NTRY001 V.A. - Nice Try EP1
NTRY002 Dollar Mambo - Seven Dollar EP
NTRY003 Tango Crash - RMXD Vol.1
NTRY004 Tango Crash - RMXD Vol.2
NTRY005 Romart - Dramatic Disposition EP
NTRY006 St Plomb - Wild At Heart
NTRY007 MRZ - Secrets
NTRY008 Dollar Mambo - Horn's Hall
NTRY009 Dollar Mambo - Melodivia
NTRYX Mr. Kaizen - Tooth Of Wisdom
NTRY011 Snook Later - Snook Theme
NTRY012 Dollar Mambo - Rounds Around
NTRY013 Dadaglobal - Hier ist nicht da
NTRY014 Michal Ho - Don't Rush
NTRY015 MRZ - Feather Fiction
NTRY017 St Plomb - Need This In The Meantime
NTRY018 St Plomb - Country City Country
NTRY019 St Plomb - Country City Remixes
NTRY020 None Of Them - One Of Them
NTRY021 MRZ - Konterversum
NTRY022 Dollar Mambo - Double Spirale
NTRY023 Dadaglobal - Dadaland
NTRY024 Snook Later - Pink Damn Blue
NTRY026 HMF - Turbine Remixes
NTRY028 None Of Them - ii

cd catalogue:

NTRYCD001 MRZ - Secrets
NTRYCD002 Dollar Mambo - Melodivia
NTRYCD003 None Of Them - One Of Them
NTRY023CD Dadaglobal - Dadaland

digital catalogue:

NTRYD001 Tango Crash - RMXD
NTRYD002 Ander - Guess Me
NTRYD003 Bolda & Mickal - Summerdaze
NTRYD004 Bolda & Mickal - Summerdaze Remixes
NTRYD006 None Of Them - Black Tears
NTRYD007 None Of Them - Junkytown
NTRYD008 Dadaglobal - Katarakt